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New Title. WHAT?!

I have heard this happens to authors all the time. Titles. They are tricky. They get changed. But I did not think it could happen two months before the book comes out. But it did! My editor called and asked me to think of new titles for my book, and gave me four hours to come up with options. Eek. Spontaneous Combustion has been the title of my book since I started writing it eleven years ago. Now, I had four hours to change it? Whoa. I turned to my writing partners, I turned to all of Facebook. THANK YOU to everyone who chimed in with ideas. I love that. I'm so grateful. It makes this exciting, sometimes-scary road to publication way more fun. Ultimately, my editor and the Entangled team came up with the new title, derived from a line in my book. And I think it fits Ellie's story well...


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